Dr David Saddington

Chartered Clinical Psychologist | Attachment-Focused EMDR Therapist I CAT Informed

Dr David Saddington

About Dr David Saddington

Dr David came to trauma therapy later in life, as a second career. He started out in project management and likes problem-solving, which is beneficial in his psychology work because he can help his clients work through issues and struggles. He changed careers to psychology because he is truly interested in people - their stories, their motivations, and what makes people tick.

Trauma work found Dr David because he realized that trauma is the driving force of many mental health problems. He aims to make a sustainable change in people's lives by focusing on the right treatment areas each individual needs. Dr David likes that psychology gives him the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of a person's difficulties. He believes strongly in the therapeutic relationship being the most important part of trauma therapy and likes to establish solid relationships in proper depth.

One of the most rewarding parts of trauma therapy for Dr David is seeing real change occur. He considers himself a "sense-maker," meaning that he wants to help people understand the root cause of their distress and make sense of what they're going through. He helps people understand their stories and fit the pieces that don't seem to fit back together. Dr David's main values as a therapist are honesty, courage, curiosity, independence, integrity, growth, and autonomy. His calm, empathetic nature helps his clients learn to trust him as they go through the difficult process of working through trauma.

Dr David believes that one of the most profound things a therapist can do for a client is to enable them to feel seen and heard. He pulls from several different therapy modalities and believes that trauma is stored in the body, so an EMDR and somatic-based approach is how he approaches treatment. Dr David provides a safe space for clients to explore the impact that trauma and suffering have had on them.

Dr David's Education and Training

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology - Lancaster University
MSc Psychology (Conversion) - University of St Andrews

Specialised Training:
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Cognitive Analytic Therapy foundation training
Supervisor training