Personal Experiences of Working with Taproot Psychology.
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Supervision with Kelly was an incredibly positive, rewarding and formative part of my development as a trainee counselling psychologist. I felt our positive, supportive supervisory relationship allowed me to explore things which were coming up in my practice with honesty and curiosity. Kelly's wealth of experience meant I always felt like I was exploring and developing my clinical skills and knowledge during our time working together, and she was always very generous with resources and signposting to further training. Kelly supported me in exploring both content and process and always helped me to feel less lost. Kelly always pushed and challenged me in the right way, and I often left supervision sessions with more questions and a different perspective than when I went in with (in the best way). Working with trauma and sexual violence can be really tough, but I always felt supported and able to speak honestly about this when I needed to. She kept me grounded and, in moments of self-doubt and questioning, she always brought me back to my intention and purpose in my clinical work. Kelly also supported me in thinking more broadly about my identity as a counselling psychologist, about what I want my practice to look like after I qualify and what is important to me. I know that I will carry my learnings from our sessions with me throughout my career. In short, I would highly recommend Kelly as a clinical supervisor.

Supervision Services

Kelly is a life saver. I came to Kelly in a time of need and when I had messaged over 5 therapists within the Manchester region, Kelly responded to me immediately. Three I didn't receive a reply and another said they were too busy and didn't have availability until 2021.

Kelly called me and I instantly knew she'd be the one to help me, even after advising to get a feel for other therapists, I still knew that it would be Kelly. Her approach is gentle, caring and genuine.

I connected with Kelly very quickly and it felt like Kelly was a friend. I knew that Kelly understood me and I could confide in her. I was at first apprehensive when Kelly suggested to trial out EMDR therapy, and Kelly sent me articles and YouTube videos for me to research more in to. After 3 EMDR sessions, I felt like a completely different person.

What was great about Kelly is when we worked through my experiences, it was Kelly that suggested that we no longer needed the sessions or to meet up. Kelly reassured me though if I needed to, she was only an email/phone call away. What a WOMAN.

It's been a couple of months since Kelly and I last met, and I can't thank Kelly enough. I regularly recommend Kelly and EMDR to my friends who are going through tough times.

My thinking and view on life has completely shifted.

This person client who worked with Dr Kelly over the end of 2020 into the start of 2021.

I knew Kelly was the right person to help me through my recovery from an eating disorder from our very first session together. Kelly took the time to get to know me and I developed full trust in her so quickly because I felt she had such a profound understanding of me and my needs.

Kelly combined a number of different therapies in my sessions to create an approach that was individual to me, and was happy to adapt these depending on the type of support I needed from week-to-week.

The skills I learnt from Kelly helped me to overcome my issues with food and exercise which led to my eating disorder, and these skills are ones I can transfer to other areas of my life. Kelly provided resources to allow me to do further reading outside my sessions, set achievable tasks and goals each week and created personalised resources and meditations for me which made me feel as though I had constant support throughout the recovery process.

I truly believe that my recovery would not have been possible without Kelly. She is understanding, supportive, compassionate, patient and deeply committed to helping those she works with. I attribute my new strength to her and the skills she has taught me and I cannot recommend her highly enough to those in eating disorder recovery or recovery from other mental illnesses.

This is another testimonial from a client that worked with Dr Kelly to help her recover from her eating disorder from the autumn of 2019 to the spring of 2020.

I would highly recommend Kelly as a therapist.

Before committing to the therapy process, I understood the importance of finding someone who could relate to me and offer me the adequate time and space to tell my story. The last thing I wanted was for someone to listen to my problems and deliver a sermon; pointing out where I've "gone wrong".

Thankfully, Kelly was a great fit for me in this regard. Her sessions are a collaborative experience - The value you will extract is dependent upon your willingness to engage with her in an open-minded, whole-hearted fashion.

While the journey does occasionally require you to sit with some difficult emotions, it's a worthwhile experience under Kelly's guidance. Her ability to offer feedback / insight in an empathetic, yet incisive manner is truly a gift.

Here is a testimonial from a client who worked with Dr Kelly over the end of 2019 into 2020.