Intensive Trauma Therapy

Dr Kelly offers bespoke trauma therapy intensives using EMDR. These intensives are for people who want the opportunity to work through their trauma in an in-depth period of time in a safe environment.

Before the intensive, you'll set up a consultation to discuss your time with us. The intensives are, as you can imagine by the name, intense and in-depth processing of trauma, and we want to make sure we come up with the best course of action for you. These intensives are tailored to your specific needs and are meant to help you heal and stop prolonging the suffering. Individual therapy for trauma can be intense on its own, so we want to be careful when we work so intensely in such a short period of time that we don't cause more harm.

Because these intensives with Dr Kelly use EMDR, it's important to note that prolonged EMDR aimed at increasing the processing of trauma or adverse life experiences can help you learn skills to manage your nervous system dysregulation. Research shows that people make as much progress in prolonged EMDR trauma therapy as standard weekly sessions. These intensives eliminate months of living with trauma symptoms, which, as you know, can really take a toll.

Intensive trauma therapy can happen over a long weekend or over the course of a week. These intensives can occur at any point during the treatment process. Maybe you just went through a traumatic experience and are looking for an in-depth therapeutic process. Or perhaps you're healing from an adverse childhood experience and want to really dig in with your therapist to the traumatic events you experienced.

Regardless of where you are in your treatment process, these intensives provide stabilization and in-depth processing of the trauma. You'll have additional telephone access to your therapist for extra support. These intensives are offered alongside other therapy, so you can keep your current therapist and still participate in intensive trauma therapy.

Contact Dr Kelly to inquire about intensive trauma therapy and set up a 30-minute free consultation.

Intensive Trauma Therapy

Is an Intensive right for me?

Intensive trauma therapy may be right for you if you:

  • Are able to perform your daily activities of living and self-care.
  • You have good supports in your life that you can talk with or possibly a therapist you already work with on a regular basis.
  • You are generally able to tolerate distress in your life but are aware the trauma causes notable emotional difficulties for you.
  • You have had a single stressful or traumatic event, such as an assault, fire or car accident.
  • You need help now and can't wait weeks or months to deal with the problem.

Is an Intensive right for me?

This may not be the right time for you if:
Are not able to deal with difficult situations in your life.
You have active suicidality or a recent hospital admission for mental health concerns.

What are the potential benefits of EMDR Intensives?
Research shows that people who complete intensives can make as much progress as in standard weekly sessions.
Since sessions are completed over two or three days (typically one of the days if also a Saturday), it greatly reduces lost work time .
While there is larger upfront costs, the shorter duration of treatment overall can save money.

EMDR Intensives include:
Pre-Assessment Consultation to determine appropriateness for intensive therapy and identify the problems you are seeking to work through.
Personalized Treatment Workbook as a guide for before, during and after your intensive therapy experience.
Tailored Treatment Plan with customized treatment goals.
Post-Treatment Review to assess and support positive changes and continued progress from treatment.
Intensives can be scheduled over 2 - 3 days and include a total of 12 hours therapy, the equivalent of 3 months of standard therapy.
Breaks are built into the day to allow for rest and restoration.

How It Works

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The telephone consultation is an opportunity for you to tell us about your situation and for us to gain a shared understanding of your difficulties and what you would like to get from therapy. We'll also talk you through the therapy process so you feel completely comfortable before your first session.

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