How Are People Like Trees? Hint – Trees Are Resilient

How Are People Like Trees? Hint - Trees Are Resilient

Have you ever stopped to take in the true majesty of a tree? Its strong trunk, the thick, deep roots, and the branches with leaves that change and regenerate. Trees are wonderful creatures that we can learn so much from.

But are people like trees? At Taproot Psychology, a practice named after the strongest root of the tree, we know that trees are resilient. So are people. There's so much we can learn from trees, but we can also learn a lot about ourselves by simply observing trees.

Trees are more similar to people than you might think. They live in community, they take care of each other, and they're resilient. They weather storms without breaking. The shed parts that no longer serve them and make room for new growth. Learning from trees is something everyone should do, especially survivors of trauma.

We Can Learn a Lot from Trees

Trees are resilient. They have sturdy trunks and branches that bend but don't break in the wind. They weather storms and are there for each other when times are hard. A tree's roots run deep, making them incredibly grounded and literally rooted in their community and themselves.

Trees live a long time and can be seen as beings of wisdom. Learning from trees is a special practice, one that more people should do. In learning about trees we actually can learn a lot about ourselves.

Trees can be seen as a symbol of life and death by losing their leaves in the fall and flowering anew in the spring. Throughout the winter the tree doesn't die, it just changes.

Trees can teach us how to talk to one another in community. They communicate nonverbally, and so do people. Trees can also teach us how to share, give back, and grow. We can all take a lesson from the way trees take care of one another.

Trees can teach us life lessons. One is how to take care of yourself first before you take care of others. We can learn a lot from trees about self-care and self-preservation. Just like trees, you can't help someone unless you're helping yourself. As they always tell you on planes, put your oxygen mask on first before putting on someone else's.

Remember to stay grounded, despite whatever success you might have. A tree may grow tall and bloom with lots of flowers, fruit, or leaves, but it's always rooted in the ground. Trees are literally the epitome of grounded beings, and we can learn a lot from trees when it comes to being grounded.

Allow yourself to be still. Savour the "downs" in the times of life where we are up and then down - in those times rest and be still. Trees teach us stillness, although they are alive and moving all the time. But we're always learning from trees how to be still.

Trees also teach us that challenges make you stronger. In their many years on this earth, trees go through storms and other trials and tribulations. Because trees are resilient, they weather these trials and tribulations with grace. They come out stronger on the other side.

We can all learn to be more present. Trees are a constant reminder to stay present and focused on "the now." Trees don't look behind at the past or worry about the future. They simply are in that moment.

Trees can show us how to let go of what no longer serves us. They lose their leaves in order to make room for fresh ones. Trees show the circle of life and are often seen as a representation of death and rebirth.

Because trees live for so long and take a while to grow, it can feel like it takes forever for a tree to reach its full potential. But trees teach us that small steps make big changes. If you plant a tree and come back every day to see its progress, you'll be disappointed by how little of a physical difference you see. But what's happening under the surface is significant. If you came back within a year you would see a huge difference. Change takes time and patience.

How Are People Like Trees?

Just like people, trees are meant to live in community with one another. They require nourishment and care. Trees talk to one another. They adapt their environments for their specific needs. They help each other thrive, like in a community.

Trees also adapt the way they grow to help their fellow trees get sunlight. They take care of one another so that they can also be taken care of. When a tree is sick other trees send it nutrients through the soil. Trees teach us how to work together.

Trees Are Resilient, and So Are You

Trees weather storms. Bad ones. We've all been through our own storms, but if you've experienced trauma, the aftermath of that storm can be shocking and distressing. Trees, just like people, are resilient. While trees go through difficult times, they bend without breaking. You can too.

Trees teach us that challenges make us stronger. When a tree goes through a difficult period and receives nourishment from other trees, it grows into a stronger version of itself. People are like that too. With some support from others, survivors of trauma can live through their trauma and come out on the other side stronger and more resilient than ever before.

When you plant a seed, it's hard to remember that it will turn into something truly magnificent and large. Trees come from seeds and are immensely powerful when they grow. People have the strong power of a tree inside them, even if they start out like a small seed.

Trees are resilient. They're strong and beautiful. As people, it's easy to lose sight of our power and resiliency. But we all have it. With the right support, you can blossom into a strong, beautiful, powerful tree.

If you or someone you know has experienced trauma and haven't found the right sort of therapy to process what happened, we at Taproot Psychology are here to help. We want to help you find your resiliency, just as trees are resilient. Contact us to set up a free consultation to see how trauma therapy at Taproot Psychology could be right for you.